Mac battery only charges to 99

It has incredible battery life and everything seems to perform beyond my expectations. Turns out that this was not a problem at all but a feature included in every Macbook.

How to improve Mac battery life, fix faults, replace or service

It helps extend your battery life. It turns out, all I needed to do was unplug my Macbook Air for a few hours and it would fix itself. Apple explains this battery preservation feature on their site :. This is normal. The case itself also includes a discreet light that indicates charging status amber, green, or off.

I used an iPhone X for a year and had 99% battery health – here’s how I did it

For the Smart Battery Case, Apple has incorporated a passive antenna which reroutes radio frequencies and minimizes interference. For sound, the case includes a specifically designed acoustic opening to channel audio from the iPhone speaker.


The company also claims its charging mechanism is better than competing cases. Most cases first charge the phone and then charge the battery pack. The Apple Smart Battery Case is only available for the 4. Apple has not released its own case for the iPhone 6 Plus, presumably because the Plus naturally gets higher battery life due to the larger internal battery.

The battery case is boring in color just white or black but is an interesting signal by Apple that iPhone battery life could be better than it is today. The Verge :.

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Posted 05 June - PM. I unplugged for a thunderstorm. When I plugged back in I noticed that the battery icon on the left side of the menu bar didn't change.

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I seem to remember that there is a different icon for when the Macbook pro is plugged in and when it is running on the battery. I hope that means that my battery is charging and the power cord is working. Neither of my Mac help books even mention the battery or power icons. I have found the Help on the menu bar absolutely useless.

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Maybe because my OS version is so old, tho I don't remember it ever being of great help. Posted 06 June - AM.

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When I looked at the battery icon for a lightning bolt I found what looks like an electric plug inside. When I unplugged the inside of the battery went dark. Easier to see than a lightning bolt.

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I'm pretty sure that light turns orange when its charging and green when it's finished. The next time we have a long thunderstorm I'll see how long it takes the battery to drop its charge. We are supposed to have thunderstorms again today. Windows used to have a Power Manager that reported on the health of the battery. I haven't found anything like that in the drop down menu from the battery or preferences.

The icons on the menu bar are so small I'm always squinting at them.