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Vuoi consentire a una persona di guidare il tuo computer da remoto? Nessun problema. Adesso mettiti bello comodo e aspetta che chi si trova dall'altra parte risolva i problemi presenti sul tuo PC. Se si intende utilizzare TeamViewer in ambito professionale occorre acquistare una licenza. Le licenze disponibili sono tre. I code and I know what it's like to encounter a huge earth shattering bug, granted I'm not famous like Mojang, but whenever I do I don't go around telling people it's not me and who it is and whatever.

I hunker down and fix the bug.

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So my suggestion to Mojang grum I hope you're reading this : Stop replying to every comment by people that are buttmad because they're just being assholes and there's no reason for you to stoop to their level , and fix this bug. I would consider this a bug with the game simply because I expect it to do one thing that it should do and it does something else.

It's not a very educated opinion but I'm not here to blame people, I'm here to play a video game. Oh also: I was taught to always remember that anything is possible with code. That's one of the reasons I love programming so much. It's might not be easy finding the means to solve a certain problem but that doesn't mean all the solutions are not efficient or simply don't exist. But then again I'm sure you have much more experience than I do, just voicing my thoughts.

You might have seen that I already said I made a crude workaround for it. The rest is just explaining why it is crude.

TeamViewer come funziona per iOS, Mac e PC

I actually did see the workaround shortly after writing that but I'm gonna leave that comment up there because I feel like I made some valid points which are still relevant. Thanks for playing along, Grum. It does seem like it introduces some logistical issues I'm assuming you were listing them rhetorically instead of wanting us to answer , but here's hoping you get fewer complaints with the hacky solution than without. I suspect our might hackers at Mojang weren't aware of the problem with the Mac version until late in the process.

I think that might be the path of least surprise for users and game developers. Read the various forums on this, just wanna say I support it and thanks to the Mojang guys for working on it and fixing it in 1. Hope that gets out soon cause for me, this control change is a deal breaker :. Ignore Learn more. Dismiss Track tasks and feature requests Join 40 million developers who use GitHub issues to help identify, assign, and keep track of the features and bug fixes your projects need.

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Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link Quote reply. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Feel free to stop making up things meanwhile :. I expect so something different from Mac users. Also, bad bot! Well in that case you may be in luck. Trying to get around that by faking input events would be rather silly.

Come risolvere il bug di utilizzo elevato della CPU "kernel_task" del tuo Mac

Buy a mouse, use two finger-gestures, upgrade away from osx. Also, if you use someone's name, make sure you get it right. It's Erik. Good luck and I hope this didn't fall on deaf ears. Would be ever so much more easier if people would actually read things written :. Also thanks! I can tell you that for one Mac user, you made me happy. Now if you want to move a larger amount, say 10 pixels at once, you would press Hold and Shift to do that. In addition, if you wish to move duplicates of the previous selection 1 pixel, you can also press and hold Command and Option while pressing and of the 4 arrow keys.

To move duplicates of selection 10 pixels, you would press and hold Command, Option, and Shift while pressing any of the 4 arrow keys. In some keyboards you will see 2 sets of 3 keys right on top of each other. If you Hold Shift for any of the first four keys above, you can move up to 10 units in the direction of your choice. The Keyboard shortcuts used for painting , will also work quite well with any of the brush tools or painting tools too.

Click on the Command Delete keys if you want to fill area with background color. If you use the Shift Command Delete, then it will only work on the opaque pixels, instead of all of them. Click on the Option Backspace keys if you wish to fill the area with foreground color. If you wish to fill only the opaque pixels, then you would use the Shift Option Delete. To access the Fill Dialog box, all you need to do is click on the Shift Backspace keys together. Say for example that you want to take a sample of the background color; you would click on the Option and I eyedropper key together.

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Or maybe you want use the Move tool while using another tool at the same time. Then you would press and hold the Command key while using the tool. If you want to use the Eyedropper tool while work with another tool, you just press and hold down the Option key. In order to erase to History source state, you would press and hold down the Option and Eraser Tool simultaneously. Select all: To select all use the Command and A keys together. Select all opaque pixels: To Select all the opaque pixels hold down command click on Layer Thumbnail. Inverse the selection: Press shift command and I to inverse the selection.

Deselect all: To deselect all or part of an image, click on Command and D keys simultaneously. Restore previous selection: To restore your previous selection, click on Command, Shift and D keys. Feather selection : Hold down shift and F6 for feather selection.

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Draw marquee from center: Hold down Option to draw marquee from center. Add to any selection: To add to any selection, click on the Shift key while using selection tool.

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  7. Subtract from a selection : Hold down Option to subtract from your selection. Intersect with a selection : Press Shift and Option to intersect with you selection. Move the selection 1 pixel: To Move the selection 1 pixel at a time use the arrow keys.

    go here Move the marque: To Move the marque at the same time you are drawing the selection, click on Hold and Space keys simultaneously. Click on the Command, Shift, C keys together to perform the Align center action. Click on the Command, Shift, R keys together to perform the align right action. Click on the Command, Shift, F keys together to perform justify paragraph.