Vmware fusion shared files between mac windows

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You can also safely change the number of processors that Fusion uses. If Windows runs sluggishly, try changing the number of cores used from 2 to 1. To do this, go to the "Virtual Machine" menu and click on "Settings. Windows Aero is an enhanced graphical user interface used in Windows 7. By using a more basic theme, you can increase the speed of Fusion.

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To select a basic theme, right click on the desktop and click on "Personalization. Turning off visual effects in Windows can also increase performance. The files necessary for Fusion to run are located in the VMware folder. This folder is located within your Documents folder. Do not move the VMware folder. If the VMware folder is moved, Fusion will not run.

Top 20 VMware Keyboard shortcuts. To access tutorials on using Fusion, check out the VMware Fusion support site.

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Jump to: Retrieved from " https: Software Mac Update. The only thing I can think of that might be the cause is the installation of nfs-kernel-server on the vm.

Looking further for hints. Dave I suggest that this is not the right place for this. You might have more luck on apple. I'll leave this open for now in case this is Ubuntu's fault and somebody knows a fix but if you do post it somewhere else and get an answer, please come back here and update your question.

For me it worked to: Shut donw the virtual machine Linux Disable the share in Fusion.

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Disable sharing in Fusion. Boot and shut down the vm again most likely a superfluous step. Enable sharing and recreate the share.

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Boot the vm. Reinstall VmWareTools this step does really does it.

Egbert van der Woude Egbert van der Woude In the drop-down menu for path, leave the default value, with the home icon and your username. Select Apply. In the drop-down menu for Path, select Choose. In the dialog box that opens, select the Desktop icon in the left-hand panel, then press Open. The drop-down menu for Path reflects Desktop.


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Select OK to close the Settings dialog box. Create a shortcut to the shared folders on your Windows image desktop: You should see a mapped drive, with a drive letter, such as: Shared folders on '.

Right click on each shared folder name, and select Create Shortcut. A message pops up: